Thursday, 18 June 2015

End one thing...start another

End of the year. I have learnt a lot over the past semester in my role as an Integrated Learning Technology Consultant. I have been exposed to so many awesome ideas, tools and resources that I now want to explore over this coming year.

This is my first serious foray in blogging. Another member of the ILT Consulting team (@gkyfranzen) has been encouraging me to blog my 2015-2016 teaching year. I have enjoyed reading a following other educational bloggers. I am not sure what I will bring to blogging but I do know that for reflection and goal setting I feel that it will help me.

Next school year I will be teaching two grade 10 academic math classes and a grade 11 university chemistry class. I hope to:

  • use Mindomo in a variety of ways. Dave Kay from the SMCDSB shared with me some great ways to use mindmapping as a metacognitive tool for students. I hope to bring this and other uses of mindmaps into my SCH3U class.
  • use desmos and geogebra in my MPM2D classes to help students understanding and comprehension and to help them explore mathematical concepts. I have started to play with geogebra to make an activity.
  • explore and play with 3-act math and other problem based questions in math. Maybe I will even make my own activity or two?
  • use the GAFE tools effectively in my classes and not just as a flashy gimmick.
  • continue to tweet
  • start blogging.

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